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Carlos Olguin, Co-founder and CEO, LogicInk — Skin Sensors That Deliver Important Information About What's Going On In Our Bodies, and Around Us

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The LogicInk Temporary Tattoo Let's You Know When You've Had Too Much Sun


LogicInk's Temporary Tattoo Sensors Can Track Your Health Data in Real Time 


LogicInk Tattoos Act as Wearable UV Sensors

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UV-tracking 'tattoo' will tell you when to get out of the sun

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Science and Culture: Wearable Tech Meets Tattoo Art in Bid to Revolutionize Both

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Color-changing temporary tattoo reveals when you've soaked up too much sun 

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This Temporary Tattoo Warns You When You’ve Gotten Too Much Sun


I had fun in the sun with LogicInk's UV-sensing temporary tattoo