Daily Suncare Signals: Trial Packs

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Applied directly to skin, LogicInk gives you easy insight into your UV limit, daily.

This innovative, imaginative sensor is designed to put you in control of your daily sun exposure in the simplest way possible. Wear it on the back of your hand for any outdoor activities in your day. Whether the sun is nowhere in sight and you want to avoid a surprise sunburn, or the sky is cloudless and the UV index is at its peak, LogicInk gives you peace of mind. It's a worry-free way for the whole family to go outside with confidence.

Imaginatively designed, comprehensive indication of UV exposure

Cumulative Outer Ring
See how your UV exposure builds up throughout the day. The ring will transform clockwise to pink as UV accumulates. Understand your safe sun limit with three levels of exposure to indicate you have reached your daily (safe) sun limit, based on data from the World Health Organization.

Real-time Inner Ring
Turns pink as you are exposed to UV Rays for an instantaneous indication of exposure (even on cloudy days).

Designed for families...

Make sure your children get fresh air and you don't need to be a helicopter parent with the sunscreen. Suncare Signals are great for children playing outdoors and won't get in the way of the fun. Specifically designed to help parents be informed of their children's UV exposure before the sunburn starts to appear (and it is too late!)

That like to get outside...

Swimming? Playing Tag? Surfing? No problem. LogicInk Suncare Signals are made using a gentle adhesive that is safe on even the most sensitive skin yet resilient to water and sweat. No matter whether you're in the pool or at the beach, be confident in your suncare.

With simplicity.

No batteries required nor chargers to remember (or forget). Designed for ease of use with an "in-the-moment" physical interaction, Suncare Signals are an instant indicator to help you take care outside.