The Future of Wearables

Powered by programmable chemistry and biology, we envision a future where LogicInk wearables seamlessly integrate into your daily life, enabling health awareness and self-expression.

Temporary wearables that visually transform to inform about your health.

Thousands of conditions can be sensed early-on through non-invasive tattoos, and we are expanding our product family through active research and development. The LogicInk tattoos are bio-chemically programmed displays – not programmed with electronics – enabling personalized sensor combinations and designs. LogicInk's work on next new sensors is partially supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, and Fortune 50/100 firms who believe in LogicInk's vision.



  • Carlos Olguin
    MSc Information Networking, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Steven Wrobel
    BSc Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  • Yina Li
    PhD Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, University of Wyoming
  • Ragu Singh
    PhD Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University
  • Peter Foller
    PhD Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  • Tal Danino
    PhD Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego
  • E Roon Kang
    MFA, Yale University
  • Jasmine Sunga
    AA, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
  • Skylar Tibbits
    SM Computer Science & Design Computation, MIT
  • Marcelo Coelho
    PhD, MIT Media Lab
  • Stebs Schinnerer
    BSc Communications Media, Fitchburg State University
  • Larry Weiss
    MD Stanford University School of Medicine
  • George Church
    PhD Biochem. & Mol. Biology, Harvard University