A wearable wellbeing platform

LogicInk is developing bio-chemical signals that can be worn daily to increase your knowledge about your health and wellness – from UV overexposure and particles in the air we breathe, to the diverse microbiome that permeates our skin through the surfaces we touch.

Early signal for safe daily UV exposure Suncare chevron_right
Non-invasive, saliva-based genetic biosensor COVID-19 chevron_right
Exposure to PM 2.5
(in development)
Electrolyte levels
(in development)
Alcohol levels
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Our first product, Suncare Signals, gives you easy insight into your UV limit, daily.

We believe that suncare is selfcare. The best way to live a healthy life is with a healthy dose of sun each and every day. LogicInk Suncare Signals are an easy way to monitor your sun exposure and understand when you have reached a daily dose before it is too late.

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Go outside with confidence.

LogicInk Suncare Signals help you get your dose of sun without overexposing yourself to UV rays. Daily sun is the most effective and natural approach to essential Vitamin D absorption. And Vitamin D supports everything from nervous system to immune function.

Now you and your family can boost your health with sun confidence. 

Understand your UV limit.

Overexposure to ultraviolet rays can result in sunburn, or more serious health problems. Experts believe that four out of five cases of skin cancer could be prevented, as UV damage is mostly avoidable. LogicInk Suncare Signals help you understand a safe sun limit, and are a safe, playful reminder for children enjoying time outdoors.

Dynamic feedback wherever you are.

Cumulative Outer Ring
See how your UV exposure builds up throughout the day. The ring will transform clockwise to pink as UV accumulates. Understand your safe sun limit with three levels of exposure to indicate you have reached your daily (safe) sun limit, based on data from the World Health Organization.

Real-time Inner Ring
Turns pink as you are exposed to UV Rays for an instantaneous indication of exposure (even on cloudy days).