We’re an energetic group of people – chemists, designers, computer scientists,  synthetic biologists, physicians, social media experts, filmmakers, and architects – dedicated to the future of health-awareness and body-based self-expression.

Carlos Olguin, MSc.
Founder & CEO
Autodesk Bio/Nano Group Founder, Carnegie Mellon University
Steven Wrobel
Principal Scientist
University of California, Berkeley
E Roon Kang
Lead Designer
Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design, MFA Yale University
Hendrik Dietz, PhD
DNA Nanotechnology Lead Scientist
Professor, TU Munich
Julieta Mazzoldi
Special Projects Coordinator
Peter Foller, PhD
Hands-On Scientific Advisor
Led R&D for Transitions Optical (PPG), UC Berkeley
David Hanzel, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Larry Weiss, M.D.
Board Director
CEO, Symbiome
Joanna Rees
Managing Partner, West Ventures
Stacy Tarver Patterson
Managing Director, West Ventures
Delfina Sitar
Strategist, West Ventures
Felicia Reyes
Creative Director, West Ventures
George Church, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Harvard University
Lee Cronin, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow
Skylar Tibbits
Founding Advisor
Tal Danino
Founding Advisor
Marcelo Coelho
Founding Advisor
Baochi Nguyen
Stebs Schinnerer
Ted Shanley
Lance Ochs
Lesley Esford