LogicInk Hydration Signal - Early Adopter Program LogicInk Hydration Signal - Early Adopter Program

LogicInk Hydration Signal - Early Adopter Program

We invite you to join a select group of sports organizations and help maximize your team's performance. Pre-purchase now to secure your place in the inaugural batch of LogicInk Hydration Signals.

$399.00   100 units ($3.99 each)
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LogicInk Hydration Signals are expected to be shipped in July of 2024. Deliveries will be made in the order of purchase.

The Tool Athletes Need to Perform at the Highest Level

The majority of athletes train or compete in a dehydrated state. Multiple research studies indicate that the sports performance of many athletes are likely being hindered by substandard hydration habits.

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How it Works

LogicInk Hydration Signal is a saliva-based hydration monitoring test. It changes color in response to the total electrolyte levels which can be used as an indication of one’s relative degree of hydration.

Product Comparison

  • Sweat Patches: LogicInk’s saliva-based approach doesn’t require athletes to first perform intense exercise for a non-trivial amount of time to get a readout – and at the risk of already being initially dehydrated.
  • Urine Tests: LogicInk is non-invasive and seamless to use anytime anywhere.
  • Other Saliva-based Solutions: LogicInk’s lightweight approach is instrument-, battery-free, thus empowering athletes to easily self-test at home and wherever else is needed to stay properly hydrated and maximize performance.

News Alert

We are thrilled to share that an early version of the LogicInk Hydration Signal has been successfully tested by a top five FIFA-ranked national soccer team